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2015 USHA Talks

Climate Effects on Peach Tree Water Use (pdf) Neil Allen
Cherry Fruit Fly and Leaf Roller Research Updates (pdf) Diane Alston
Overcoming Iron Chlorosis in Utah's Peach Orchards: An Ongoing Battle (pdf) Jace Johnson
Update on Chemical Fireblight Control and Brown Rot of Peaches (pdf) Claudia Nischwitz
Updates on Brown Mormorated Stinkbug and Spotted-Wing Drosophila in Utah (pdf) Lori Spears
Improving Size and Quality: How and Why Peaches Grow (pdf) Kevin Day
Pedestrian Peach Orchards: Pruning and Training Systems for Improved Returns and Reduced Costs (pdf) Kevin Day
Tart Cherry and Peach Research Update (pdf) Brent Black

2014 USHA Talks

Western Cherry Fruit Fly Research Update (pdf) Diane Alston
Understanding Pesticide Labeling (pdf) Taun Beddes
Sabbatical Report: An Overview of Fruit Research Activities in New York (pdf) Brent Black
New Instrumentation for Frost Monitoring and Precision Irrigation Scheduling (pdf) Bruce Bugbee
IPM Program Updates (pdf) Marion Murray
Fire Blight and Other Fruit Disease Updates (pdf) Claudia Nischwitz
New Herbicides for Orchard Weed Management and the Role of the Utah IR-4 Program (pdf) Cory Ransom
An Update of Organic Peach Research at Utah State University (pdf) Jennifer Reeve

Controlling Insects and Diseases in Tart Cherry with the New Invasive Pest Spotted Wing Drosophila (pdf)
Looking Towards the Tart Cherry Orchard of the Future: Preliminary Data From the Northwest Michigan Research Station (pdf)

Nikki Rothwell
Unwelcome Guests of Utah Fruit Trees (pdf) Lori Spears
Crop Load Management (pdf)
Orchard Nutrition (pdf)
Hermann Thoennissen

2013 USHA Talks

European Earwig and peaches (pdf)
Managing WCFF

Diane Alston
Organic Peach Project Update (pdf) Mae Culumber
Food and Safety Issues (pdf)
GAP (pdf
Craig Johnson
2013 Water Supply Outlook/Snow Survey (pdf) Randy Julander
IPM Project Update (pdf) Marion Murray
Fireblight Update (pdf) Claudia Nischwitz
Invasive Insect Monitoring/Blue Orchard Bees (pdf) Cory Stanley
Optimizing Control of OBLR (pdf)
Factors Responsible for Mite Flaring in Apples (pdf)
John Wise

2012 USHA Talks

Insect Control Update (pdf 3.6 MB) Diane Alston
Measuring Water Stress: A Research Update (pdf 1.9 MB) Brent Black

Soil/Foliar Nutrition (pdf 0.9 MB)
Anti-Russetting Program (pdf
0.1 MB)
Peach/Apple Mildew (pdf 0.1 MB)
Fighting Alternate Bearing (pdf 0.1 MB)

Dan Griffith
Labor Issues/Immigration (pdf 0.1 MB) Summer Morgenstern
Mating Disruption Dispensers (pdf 4.3 MB) Marion Murray
Streptomycin Resistance Survey (pdf 1.1 MB) Claudia Nischwitz
Orchard Floor Management (pdf 4.6 MB) Jennifer Reeve
P & K Fertility in Tart Cherries (pdf 0.9 MB) Sean Rowley
Earwig Control in Peaches (pdf 4.6 MB) Drew Tebeau

Transition from Guthion to Alternatives (pdf 3.3 MB)
MRLs, Mites and Minions (pdf 4.2 MB)

Mark Whalon

2011 USHA Talks

Invasive Insects to Watch and Utah Insect Research (pdf 3.7 MB) Diane Alston
Organic Orchard Management (pdf 3.1 MB) Tim Dahle
Spotted Wing Drosophila - Management (pdf 4.9 MB) Tim Dahle
Pesticide Safety (pdf 2.0 MB) Drew Matthews
Fire Blight Monitoring with LAMP (pdf 15.8 MB) Marion Murray
Peach Management Systems - An Eastern Perspective (pdf 10.4 MB) Greg Reighard
Peach Rootstocks (pdf 12.4 MB) Greg Reighard
Organic Orchard Floor Management (pdf 2.6 MB) Marc Rowley
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) (pdf 1.7 MB) Anthony Souza
Spotted Wing Drosophila - Biology (pdf 1.8 MB) Cory Vorel

2010 USHA Talks

Codling Moth Thresholds for Monitoring in Mating Disrupted Apple Orchards and Transitioning Away from Organophosphate Insecticides for Cherry Fruit Fly (pdf 5.9 MB) Diane Alston
Regulated Deficit Irrigation of Tart Cherry (pdf 3.2 MB) Brent Black and Kylara Papenfuss
Direct Farm Marketing (pdf 35.5 MB) Wade Butler
Trends for Organic Temperate Fruit Production (pdf 5.4 MB) David Granatstein
Mulches and Cover Crops for Orchard Floor Management (pdf 3.6 MB) David Granatstein
Powdery Mildew Workshop (pdf 14.0 MB) Gary Grove
GAP Programs: Producing and Marketing Fruit in a Changing World (pdf 4.1 MB) Lynn Long
Effective Frost, Pest and Disease Control With a Grower Established Weather Station Network (pdf 5.3 MB) Lynn Long
Analysis of Mating Disruption Dispensers and Fungicide Demystified (pdf 3.0 MB) Marion Murray
Orchard Weed Control (pdf 3.5 MB) Earl Seeley
Utah Berry Growers Association 2010 Proceedings
Berry Insects Pests: Raspberry Horntail & Spotted-Wing Drosophila (pdf 1.7 MB) Diane Alston
Strawberry and Raspberry Management in Maryland (pdf 15.9 MB) Wade Butler
Alternative Berry Crops and Machine Harvesting (pdf 9.8 MB) Sam Erwin


2009 USHA Talks

Experiences in the Cherry Capital of the World
(pdf 23.3 meg)
Diane Alston
Orchard Irrigation Project Update
(pdf 3.5 meg)
Brent Black
Fertility and Weeds in Organic Systems
(pdf 2.2 meg)
Steve Ela
Organic Insect and Disease Management
(pdf 1.9 meg)
Steve Ela
Fireblight and PCR Technology
(pdf 1.5 meg)
Kent Evans
Deficit Irrigation in Tart Cherry
(pdf 2.3 meg)
Kylara Papenfuss
Nutrient Management Plans
(pdf 2.6 meg)
Teryl Roper
Orchard Weed Control Research
(pdf 5.0 meg)
Earl Seeley
Insecticide Characteristics
(pdf 0.3 meg)
John Wise
Insecticide Activity on the Cherry Fruit Fly on Cherry (pdf 0.3 meg) John Wise

2008 USHA Talks

Codling Moth Monitoring in Mating Disrupted Orchards and Cherry Fruit Fly Attraction to Baits (pdf 3.9 meg) Diane Alston
RDI, PRD, and Other Concepts in Intentional Drought Stress: Are They Useful for Tart Cherries? (pdf 3.9 meg) Brent Black
Challenges and Future Opportunities to Market Tart Cherries (pdf 6.5 meg) Jim Seaquist
Fire Blight: A Closer Look since Last Year and More News About Kasumin (pdf 4.0 meg) Kent Evans
Questions and Possible Answers for Cytospora Canker, Cherry Rasp Leaf, and Peach Split Pitting and Soft Suture (pdf 6.5 meg) Harold Larsen
Orchard Replant Problems: Managing without Methyl Bromide? (pdf 10.6 meg) Harold Larsen
Updates: The 2007 IPM Advisory Service/Monitoring Season and On-line Weather Data (pdf 2.0 meg) Marion Murray
Irrigation Strategies for High Density Apple and Sweet Cherry (pdf 0.6 meg) Denise Neilsen
Managing Nutrition in High Density Apple and Sweet Cherry (pdf 1.7 meg) Denise Neilsen
NRCS Orchard/Vineyard EQUIP Fund Pool (pdf 2.2 meg) Michael Marshall
A Preliminary Look at an Alternative Pollinator in Michigan Tart Cherry (pdf 2.8 meg) Nikki Rothwell
New Ideas for Controlling Tart Cherry Insects and Diseases (pdf 2.6 meg) Nikki Rothwell
Outlook for 2008 Irrigation Water Supply (pdf 1.2 meg) Randall Julander
Utah Berry Growers 2008 Proceedings
New Cultivar Update-With Focus on Raspberries (pdf 14.3 meg) Chad Finn
Virus Diseases of Small Fruit Crops-Raspberry and Blackberry (pdf 11.5 meg) Bob Martin
Blackberries 101 (pdf 3.8 meg) Chrislyn Particka

2007 Talks

Cherry Fruit Fly Management and Monitoring Codling Moth in Mating Disrupted Orchards (pdf 1.8 meg) Diane Alston
Orchard Irrigation Principles (pdf 2.9 meg) Brent Black
Rootstock Trials in Utah and the US (pdf 1.1 meg) Brent Black
Fireblight in Utah (pdf 3.8 meg) Kent Evans
Physiology and Development of Sour Cherry: Effects on Growth and Yield (pdf 4.5 meg) Jim Flore
Past, Present and Future Problems and Solutions for the Cherry Industry (pdf 3.2 meg) Jim Flore
Marketing Through Farmer's Markets (pdf 1.6 meg) Richard Sparks
H2A Guest Worker Program (pdf 0.1 meg) Panel discussion
Utah and Federal Pesticide Laws (pdf 0.4 meg) Robert Hougaard
Japanese Beetle in Utah (pdf 2.2 meg) Clair Allen
Stone Fruit Cultural Practices (pdf 17.3 meg) Scott Johnson
Optimizing Stone Fruit Nutrition (pdf 18.0 meg) Scott Johnson
Organic Regulations for Fruit Production in Utah (pdf 0.1 meg) Seth Winterton
Utah's Own Program (pdf 1.8 meg) Jed Christenson

2006 Talks

New USDA Protocol for Export of Apples to Mexico (pdf 47 k) Clair Allen
Cherry Fruit Fly Management with Reduced-Risk Insecticides and Recent Advances in Codling Moth Management (pdf 730 k) Diane Alston
Overview of Factors Affecting Growth Regulator Response (pdf 5635 k) Brent Black
Tart Cherry Profitability Through Asset Management (pdf 688 k) Don Gregory
On-Farm Sanitation and Good Handling Practices (pdf 1391 k) Robert Hougaard
Soil, Water and Fruit Analysis: Interpretation for Quality Fruit Production (pdf 3486 k) Kraig Klicker
New Apple Rootstocks and Training Systems (pdf 3803 k) Terence Robinson
The Integrated System of Growing High Quality Sweet Cherries in the East (pdf 1285 k) Terence Robinson
How to Grow Large Galas (pdf 980 k) Terence Robinson
Pesticide Safety Education Program (pdf 33k), Restricted Use Pesticides (pdf 39k), Worker Protection Standard (pdf 23 k), Endangered Species Protection Program (pdf 27k) Howard Deer


2005 Talks

Imidacloprid Chemigation for Control of the California Prionus Beetle in Utah Sweet Cherry Orchards (report pdf 100 k or slideshow pdf 4595 k) Shawn Steffan, Diane Alston, and Mike Pace
Evaluation of Alternatives for Western Cherry Fruit Fly Control in On-Farm Trials (report pdf 70 k or slideshow pdf 575 k) Diane Alston and Thor Lindstrom
Factors That Influence Spray Coverage of Orchard Trees ( report pdf 449 k or slideshow pdf 2005 k) Shawn Steffan
Peach Twig Borer Management In Northern Utah: 2004 (report pdf 147 k or slideshow 843 k)) Shawn Steffan
Blossom Thinning of Apples and Peaches with New Blossom Thinners (report pdf 14k or slideshow 9801 k) Essie Fallahi
Blue Orchard Bee Biology and Management (slideshow 2499 k) William P. Kemp
Overview of Idaho Pomology Research Program (slideshow 16,299 k) Essie Fallahi


2004 Talks

Codling Moth Control-2003 (pdf 31 kb) Earl Seeley
Demonstration of Codling Moth Control with Diamond (Novaluron) in Apple (pdf 21 kb) Diane Alston and Thor Lindstrom
Using Real Time PCR and stigma imprinting to expedite the detection of Erwinia amylovora on the stigmas of pear and apple flowers for improved timing of fire blight control (pdf 133 kb) Sherman Thomson and Scott Ockey
Using Stigma Imprints to Determine Fire Blight Risk and Improve Control of Blossom Blight (Powerpoint, 2360 kb) Sherman Thomson and Scott Ockey
"Pheromones as Controls for Codling Moth" and "Insecticides for Codling Moth Control-Conventional and Organic" see WSU TFREC website Jay F. Brunner

Peach Twig Borer Trapping, Degree-Day Modeling, and Implications for Management (pdf 46 kb)

Shawn Steffan
Plant Growth Regulators and Chemical Thinning Results (pdf 39 kb) Earl Seeley
The Effect of Oil Sprays on Tart Cherries (pdf 10 kb) Earl Seeley


2003 Talks

Chemical Efficiacy Trials (pdf 1.6mb) Scott Ockey
Chemical Thinning of Apples (pdf 177kb) Mel Schertenleib
Disease Management in the Palm of Your Hand (pdf 3.7mb) Gary Grove
GAP & GHP 2003 (pdf 1mb) Clair Allen
Mating Distruption (pdf 503kb) Mel Schertenleib
Tart Cherry Economics and Niche Marketing (pdf 1.0mb) James Nugent
Tart Cherry Nutrition (pdf 1.6mb) James Nugent
Tree Borers and Leafrollers in 2002 (pdf 875kb) Diane G. Alston
Update on Insect and Mite Control (pdf 703kb) Diane G. Alston

Utah Mildew (pdf 3.4mb)

Gary Grove
Codling Moth Research (pdf 38 kb) Earl J. Seeley
Tart Cherry Mite and Mildew Control (pdf 34 kb) Earl J. Seeley


2002 Talks

Late Summer Irrigation of Water-Stressed Peach Trees Reduces Fruit Doubling and Deep Sutures R. Scott Johnson and Dale F. Handley
Colloquium: Water Management and Water Relations of Horticultural Crops Using Water Stress to Control Vegetative Growth and Productivity of Temperate Fruit Trees R. Scott Johnson and Dale F. Handley
Chemical Thinning Of Peaches & Nectarines R. Scott Johnson, Harry Andris, and Kevin R. Day
Experiences With Chemical Thinning Of Plums R. Scott Johnson, Harry Andris, and Kevin R. Day
Sweet Cherry Pollination Chart Lynn Long
Cherry Training Systems: Selection and Development, OSU Publication PNW 543, Download PDF (7.1 megs, 30-40 minute download) Lynn Long
Sweet Cherry Rootstocks and Varieties (1.6 meg Adobe Acrobat file) Lynn Long
Training Systems for Sweet Cherries (1.9 meg Adobe Acrobat File) Lynn Long
Codling Moth Control with Guthion/Intrepid Demonstration Diane G. Alston and Carin A. Miller
Control of spider mites in apple and tart cherry with acaricides Diane G. Alston
Control of western cherry fruit fly in tart cherry with neonicotinoid insecticides Diane G. Alston
Early-season release of galendromus occidentalis onto apple orchard ground cover for control of spider mites in trees Diane G. Alston and Michael E. Reding
Evaluation of two consecutive years of mating disruption for control of greater peachtree borer (synanthedon exitiosa) in peaches Diane G. Alston and Carin A. Miller
Identification, biology and management of fruitworms in utah cherries, 2001 Diane G. Alston
Identification of leafhoppers in tart cherry, 2001 Diane G. Alston
Peach twig borer control in peach with Success – 2001 Diane G. Alston and Carin A. Miller
Survey of guthion resistance in codling moth in Northern Utah, 2001 Diane G. Alston
Using Climatic Data for On Farm IPM Decisions James Frisby
Zinc Foliar Trials 2001 Thor Lindstrom and James Frisby
Leaf Injury Effects on Fireblight (1.2 meg Adobe Acrobat File) Scott Ockey
Plant Growth Regulators: What is New and What Works Earl J. Seeley
Control of shoot and blossom blight in the presence of streptomycin resistance Sherman Thomson


2001 Talks

Orchard Mite Management and Update on Plum Curculio in Utah Diane G. Alston
Storage Techniques for Fuji and Other Varieties Tom Auvil
Doing More With Less: New Sprayer Technologies Tom Auvil
Insect Control Trials 2000: Evaluation of 'Softer' Programs Against Key Pests Michael Reding and Diane G. Alston
Methods to Improve Control of Fire Blight Sherman Thomson


2000 Talks

Plum Curculio Biology and Distribution in Utah Diane G. Alston and Anchalee V. Stark
Washington State Apple Trends for 2000 Jack Pheasant
What's New In IPM: Update Of 1999 Michael Reding
Fire Blight: How Does This Simple Bacterium Outsmart Us Every Time Sherman Thomson


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